About Us


EKA Trading Company was founded in 1999. It established a working team with deep roots in the trading field. Therefore, EKA formed an extensive array of distribution as it is specialized in fast consumption products such as beverages, canned food and dairy products.  

EKA is Expanding its business not only through focusing on customers, products and services, placing a highly qualified professionals in all areas and doing researches to ascertain the market needs but also through penetrating into importing business from various countries.


Through an integrated approach, EKA aims to provide the Palestinian market the best quality products and large assortment with exclusive products and perfect customer service that exceed customer’s expectations in presenting international brands in the emerging Palestinian market.

Managers and employees are investing more in modern technology to create value and form an efficient network between customers and suppliers.


EKA is looking forward to be the first class company that understands and satisfies the needs of customers and suppliers, and play a dominant role in the Palestinian economy.